Field Books of Waldo LaSalle Schmitt (1887-1977)
This set of images comes from the Smithsonian Institution Archives collection, Record Unit 7231. They document the career of Waldo LaSalle Schmitt (1887-1977), an invertebrate zoologist specializing crustaceans, and Curator of Invertebrate Zoology at National Museum of Natural History (NMNH). Schmitt was an avid collector, and took part in more than 15 expeditions around the world while working for the Smithsonian. As Curator, he worked with other collectors to develop NMNH collections. Selected images document range of locations from which specimens were gathered under Schmitt’s direction. Most images come from Schmitt’s own field work 1940-1963 in French Polynesia, Antarctica, and Alaska, but also include images of Robert Bartlett’s work for NMNH in Greenland during the 1930’s. Images cover underwater collecting in Antarctica, specimens and their habitats, expedition participants and crew, and informal moments during field work.

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