Women in Science
In honor of International Women's Day and Women's History Month, the Smithsonian Institution Archives (SIA) is pleased to present a sampling of images documenting women scientists and engineers from around the world, most of whom were pioneers in their respective fields, or were the first women to receive advanced graduate degrees in their discipline.

Throughout March since 2009, the Archives has posted groups of photographs showing women scientists and engineers at work; women trained in science and engineering who worked outside the laboratory as librarians, writers, political activists, or in other areas where their work informed or was informed by science; family research collaborators who assisted their scientist husbands and fathers; and several images for which we have little descriptive information to which we invite you to contribute! Our archivists will also provide more information about the collection via the Smithsonian Institution Archives' blog siarchives.si.edu/blog.

The majority of these images are in the Archives' Science Service records. A smaller number of photographs, of women who worked for the Smithsonian, are taken from other collections in the Archives.

Science Service, now the Society for Science & the Public, was a news organization founded in 1921 to promote the dissemination of scientific and technical information, and to encourage science education. See our Science Service Collection Guides for more on the history of Science Service. Also see a small web exhibit on Science Service women at siarchives.si.edu/research/sciservwomen.html.

The Archives has several accessions of Science Service records, and there are related collections in numerous Smithsonian museums: National Air and Space Museum; National Museum of American History, including the Archives Center and collections in agriculture and mining, chemistry, costume, engineering, electricity, medical sciences, military history, modern physics, and photographic history; National Museum of Natural History; and National Portrait Gallery.

To learn more about archives and the Smithsonian's history, visit THE BIGGER PICTURE. To view more collections from the Smithsonian, visit the Collection Search Center.
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