Photograph of rural carrier in automobile at mailbox

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    Date: c. 1905

    Object number: A.2010-1

    Medium: paper; photo-emulsion

    Dimensions (Unframed): 2 1/4” x 4 1/2"

    An unidentified, enterprising Rural Free Delivery (RFD) carrier tries out a car on his snowy route to show off for a Post Office Department photographer. The Department hoped to encourage carriers to replace their horses and wagons with the latest in transportation technology. Few carriers did so. Vehicles at the time were not yet adequate replacements for horses, wagons, and sleds on rural roads.

    Photographer: Unknown

    Place: United States of America

    Collection Description: Transportation/Motorized

    Credit line: National Postal Museum, Curatorial Photographic Collection

    Photographer: Unknown

    Repository: National Postal Museum, Curatorial Photographic Collection

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    1. rockcreek 40 months ago | reply

      Any idea whether the USPS offered any economic incentive for individual rural carriers to do so? I'd also be interested to know what make/model of car is being used here.

    2. Revere J 40 months ago | reply

      It kind of looks like it might be a curved dash Olds.

    3. Ardun2 40 months ago | reply

      Mandrolic, I'd say, looks like it's powered by the pedal power of the postie. These types of velocipedes were used in the UK (for a VERY short time). Didn't catch on.. I wonder why? :)

    4. budderflyman 15 months ago | reply

      Will UPS or FedEx deliver a letter to rural areas for under 50 cents?

      Why are Republicans trying to destroy the US Postal Service when it is in Article One of the Constitution? I thought they believed in the Constitution.

    5. rockcreek 15 months ago | reply

      They believe in profit, in insuring its unfettered flow to America's elite, and nothing else.

    6. budderflyman 15 months ago | reply

      The USPS was making a profit until they were forced to pay $5.5 billion into their pension fund which didn't even need that amount of money. The postal service is in Article One of the Constitution. It's a horrible situation if they end it. BTW, no way is this a pedal car. It might have been an electric car because they were experimenting with them back in those days.

    7. rockcreek 15 months ago | reply

      Right, but it was flowing into the government's coffers instead of into the hands of the "free market". Contemporary Republicans are a revolutionary party, w/no concern for the Constitution, the public good, or anything beyond their own personal enrichment.

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