• Dinosaur illustration.

College student William Silverman (at right), standing with his former high school teacher, Creed F. Bates Jr., on the lawn of the Rhea County Courthouse, Dayton, Tennessee, July 1925.

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Creator/Photographer: Unidentified photographer

Type: Photographs

Date: 1925

Image ID: 2009-21081

Description: Nineteen-year-old William Silverman had grown up in nearby Chattanooga and was studying business administration at the Georgia Institute of Technology when he attended the Scopes trial. The newsboy at right holds a tabloid sheet with a dinosaur illustration.

Contained in: Acc. 10-042, William Silverman Photographs, 1925

Place: USA

Persistent URL: siarchives.si.edu/collections/siris_arc_308476

Repository:Smithsonian Institution Archives

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  1. Smithsonian Photography Initiative [deleted] 51 months ago | reply

    See a blog post featuring this photograph on THE BIGGER PICTURE:

  2. JD's Photography 51 months ago | reply

    Love to look at history and our past (same thing?). Makes you wonder where their lifes went and how they lived. Very cool!

  3. starbuckrj2 48 months ago | reply

    If anyone can help. we would like to identify William Silverman's high school teacher on the left. Silverman graduated from Chattanooga High School in 1922 so a yearbook might help.

  4. budderflyman 48 months ago | reply

    Smithsonian, when you set your tag, put "Smithsonian Institution" in quotes otherwise it is tagged as the two separate words.

  5. Smithsonian Institution 48 months ago | reply

    Thanks for pointing that out, budderflyman. Something was 'off' in our upload script.

  6. Anatotitan 41 months ago | reply

    Love the dinosaur easter egg!

  7. Smithsonian Institution 34 months ago | reply

    We're looking for your help! Please help us identify the unnamed in this photograph in the comments below.

    This photo is featured in a post on the Smithsonian Institution Archives' blog, THE BIGGER PICTURE.

  8. rjstarbuck 16 months ago | reply

    The science teacher in the photo taught at Chattaooga High School. His photo is likely in the 1925 edition of the school yearbook. The school was contacted more than once to see if someone could check the yearbook but there has been no response.
    One problem may be that that school no longer exists as it was. It is now a magnet school called Chattanooga High School Center for Creative Arts.

  9. Smithsonian Institution 15 months ago | reply

    We can now positively say that William Silverman's teacher is Creed F. Bates, Jr. due to the detective work of Silverman's daughter, Henrietta Jenrette. Thank you, Henrietta!

  10. rjstarbuck 15 months ago | reply

    The yearbooks of Chattanooga High School in 1922 and 1925 showed that Creed F. Bates, Jr. was a teacher of modern languages, not science, until he became principal of the school in 1925.

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