Portrait of Marie Curie (1867-1934), Physicist

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Creator/Photographer: Transocean (Photographic company, Berlin)

Medium: Medium unknown

Date: Prior to 1934

Collection: Scientific Identity: Portraits from the Dibner Library of the History of Science and Technology - As a supplement to the Dibner Library for the History of Science and Technology's collection of written works by scientists, engineers, natural philosophers, and inventors, the library also has a collection of thousands of portraits of these individuals. The portraits come in a variety of formats: drawings, woodcuts, engravings, paintings, and photographs, all collected by donor Bern Dibner. Presented here are a few photos from the collection, from the late 19th and early 20th century.

Persistent URL: www.sil.si.edu/imagegalaxy/imagegalaxy_imageDetail.cfm?id...

Repository: Smithsonian Institution Libraries

Accession number: SIL14-C6-05

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  1. sirmortimer ages ago | reply

    i see determination on her face

  2. bazia.u ages ago | reply

    She wasn't only French - she was Polish in the first place and as far as I know - has always used "Skłodowska-Curie" -> with her maiden name first.

    She died on leukaemia.

    *brambly* - there were others, just check it.

  3. entelepentele ages ago | reply

    amazing portrait.

  4. eastendimages ages ago | reply

    "As someone working in France and married to a Frenchman, I think she'd have known herself as Marie Curie. "

    i mean, there's not point to speculate if you can read the facts in history books and every encyclopaedia. it's even more obvious, than with Fryderyk Szopen.

    Maria, not Marie, and Skłodowska-Curie, not just Curie. She wasn't French - she was married to a fellow French scientist, Pierre. She was born in Warsaw where she lived for almost half of her life and moved to Paris with her sister to study. Yes, she became a french citizen, but till her last days she was also involved in polish scientific affairs (founding two institutes).

  5. br@mbly ages ago | reply

    Fine, I stand corrected. I have come to realise by now that not everything I learnt in school was the gospel truth.

  6. eastendimages ages ago | reply

    well, you're right here. it's not like polish historians (especially during the communist era) didn't exaggerate certain achievements of polish (and soviet) science and culture and never claimed lithuanian, belarussian, ukrainian historic personas as their own :-)

    what i meant was, she wasn't a part of ancient history and i'm sure her life is quite well documented. and it's widely known, that she was proud of her origin and kept in touch with the old country. it's worth to remember, that back then poland was under russian, prussian and austrian rule and wasn't an independent country - many artists, writers, scientists and freedom figthers sought shelter in france

    every country has their asylum seekers, immigrants and foreigners - we call them... "THEM". once they achieve something they immediately become "US". a bunch of hooded youths from marseille will be "THEM" (black, arabs etc.). MC Solaar is one of "US", french etc. jamaican runners became americans, because they won few gold medals and no white american can run that fast :-) i know it's a stereotype, but this is how it works.

  7. elastic fire [deleted] ages ago | reply

    What a rae treat to see her, thanx for introducing her after ages , could never have ever met her

  8. Lú_ ages ago | reply

    This image has been included in the Indicommons.org post Women across the Commons, prior to International Women's Day.

    indicommons.org badge

  9. zyrcster ages ago | reply

    It'd be great to see her in your Women in Science set, too. :)

  10. Smithsonian Institution ages ago | reply

    Good suggestion! Done!

  11. Alex Vivante ages ago | reply

    Great picture, good, deep expression!

  12. sezohanim ages ago | reply

    A superb portrait in middle age of one of my heroes.

  13. exultant desk [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Maria C. Skłodowska - Super Woman. Portrait..perfect.

  14. rosewithoutathorn84 116 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Historic Heroines, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  15. borgisplat 110 months ago | reply

    can we lose the sepia?

  16. cudau.botcanh 107 months ago | reply

    Nice pic!!!!!!!!!

  17. sfzmbrn 32 months ago | reply

    Niels Bohr's son also won the physics nobel price, as his father did. br@mbly

  18. br@mbly 32 months ago | reply

    So he did! See my comment above!

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