Animals & Women 1
"PeTA: Where Only Women Are Treated Like Meat"

- Nikki Craft

Animals & Women: Exploring the intersections between speciesism and misogyny.

* Set 1: PETA's PSAs

* Set 2: Additional AR PSAs

* Set 3: Advertisements & Miscellany

* Set 4: Fictional Characters

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Please note that I do not consider all of the print ads included in this series misogynist, even though they may be tagged as such. It's my wish to do a comprehensive survey of PETA's many print ads. Thus, I have included a wide variety of photos here.

When I upload images and add them to a given set, I usually tag them with a standard string of keywords. In this case, it's a mouthful - 'animals "animal rights" "animal welfare" speciesism speciesist women sexism sexist misogyny feminism "anti-feminist" "The Sexual Politics of Meat" "Carol J. Adams" "Animals & Women" "Supermodels for Animal Rights" PETA "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals"'. I may also tag them with additional keywords as necessary.

Hence, not all of the images included in my "Animals & Women 1" set are misogynist or include nudity; some are racist, sizeist, ableist, homophobic, etc., while others are simply animal rights/welfare ads.

The only qualification for inclusion in this set is that the image is a print ad from PETA. Ads from other animal rights/welfare groups are featured in their own set, "Animals & Women 2".
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