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Kinship Circle - 2008-02-16 - Bound & Dragged -- Stop Live Animal Export 01


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Date: Feb 16, 2008 8:56 PM

Subject: Bound & Dragged: Stop Live Animal Export




2/16/08: Bound & Dragged -- Stop Live Animal Export


PHOTOS: Meat and Livestock Australia claims that their training programs have 'improved' animal welfare in Middle Eastern feedlots... These photos -- taken at the Bahrain feedlot, where training courses have been conducted -- show a very different story.





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Dear Prime Minister Rudd and Honorable Officials Of Australia:


I write to ask for your intervention in Australia's annual live export of millions of sheep and cows to the Middle East. A December 2007 investigation debunked government and industry claims about enhanced welfare measures.


In fact, extensive footage exposed the ruthless handling of Australian animals in Bahrain, the UAE, and Jordan. Animals are seen with their legs tightly bound, wrenched through the streets. They are smashed into car trunks and tossed atop truck beds.


Since Middle East countries do not require stunning, animals remain fully alert when their throats are slit. Observers have described killers who strike animals with long knives to cut tendons and shatter joints. Once an animal collapses, his eyes are sometimes stabbed.


I implore the Australian government to advocate a policy of ethical reform. In February 2008 a West Australian Magistrate concluded animal cruelty accusations against Emanuel Exports Pty. Ltd. were confirmed beyond reasonable doubt. Yet, she was compelled to acquit the defendants because the federal government had granted them an export permit.


If you disapprove of animal abuse, you are obligated to stop export permits to the Middle East. Australia ought to set responsible and humane standards, rather than endorse an industry deemed legally cruel and in violation of animal welfare regulations.


Recent allegations about live-transport brutality seem to represent the norm. Reliable news sources such as 60 Minutes, 7.30 Report, Four Corners, Today Tonight and Landline have broadcast horrific scenes from past investigations. The international community has witnessed animals packed into airless chambers aboard multi-tiered ships. We've heard about sheep frothing at the mouth as they crush against bars in an effort to breathe.


The live export trade functions for profit, and therefore cannot be entrusted to regulate itself. I call upon the Australian government to not only enforce humane regulations for animals leaving its ports -- but to also phase out the industry entirely.


The current administration has made strides to renew Australia's image as a compassionate and progressive country. It is time to permanently end the suffering inherent in live exports and barbaric overseas slaughter.


Thank you,








* Live Animal Export: Indefensible (VIDEO and Information)


* Middle East Investigation: December 2007


* Because This Is Wrong


* Stop Long Distance Transport Of Animals For Slaughter [at] JD9rbFzoNjy7fo43Z1




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