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Doing the dishes while listening to Nightwish can be dangerous. You might start banging your china onto the sink... And I can tell you from experience. It is NOT good for your cups and plates.

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  1. soleá ages ago | reply

    selamat tidur sweetsie

  2. The man called D. ages ago | reply


    just a few words to to salute you today and to wish you sweet dreams!



  3. The man called D. ages ago | reply

    Talking 'bout kisses in public? You must be careful, Solea can see us ;P

    Anyway... kussen!


  4. drp ages ago | reply

    Look at all of that soap geometry happening.

  5. The man called D. ages ago | reply

    Silly boy, you makes me laught (thanks).
    Bwt, "Goede nacht", it's dutch? Then I must remember it :)

    Buenas noches!


  6. patisfaction ~ censored [deleted] ages ago | reply

    wassuuh, spoeluuh!

  7. Altweibersommer ages ago | reply

    I will do it, when you tell me how it works...... I'm soooo stupid! Good night!

  8. Hilary (curioush) ages ago | reply

    what a beautiful macro.

  9. marilink ages ago | reply

    i like notes, we don´t have that on fotolog, uh?

  10. saseki ages ago | reply

    hehehe, glu glu glu...

  11. soleá ages ago | reply

    hey volgens mij ben je een beetje gay of niet... :P

  12. Bistrosavage ages ago | reply

    Please see:


    BTW I think you need to click on the link in the etiguitte secion to start things.

    Ok. I've been bad. Very bad.

  13. Libertyvalance ages ago | reply

    That reminds me I really should get those dishes from my Christmas dinner party out of the way.

    I love the geometrical bubbles!

  14. oopsfotos.nl ages ago | reply

    love the picture
    don't know the music
    but I guess
    you're right on that!

    thanks for sharing

  15. LeckerDing [deleted] ages ago | reply

    haha nice one!
    I only like bubble bath :P

  16. tsogy ages ago | reply

    love the spectres.
    lately i've been listening to hip hop while doing the dishes, it's not dangerous...

  17. Agnieszka ages ago | reply

    Beautiful macro!

  18. hot_tea ages ago | reply

    a truly stunning pic. my pictures of bubbles always come out mushy..this one tho' stunning.

  19. satan_inheelz [deleted] ages ago | reply

    great closeup and the symmetry...wow!!!

  20. allr1 93 months ago | reply

    Another highlight of ones day... the meditation of participating joyfully.
    Bubbles do it for me. Fabulous photo.

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