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    Glenfiddich 12 years old.
    One whiskey (or 2) a day keeps the doctor away. ;o)

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    1. Webgrrl.Biz 113 months ago | reply

      ooh i like my whiskey (wild turkey) with soda please ;)

    2. soleá 113 months ago | reply

      kmoest meteen aan dat nummer van Thin Lizzy denken (Whiskey in the jar room) toen ik deze foto zag!

      Weet je wat jij denk ik ook wel lekker vindt? Licor 43.

    3. The man called D. 113 months ago | reply

      Uhmmm, if you see my portrait and need a Whiskey... :$ :P
      But, do you know one thing??? I love that quote and I'm going to take a Cardhu (or maybe a Chivas) just right now. Of course, you're invited.

      Sweet dreams vriend, knuffel!


    4. soleá 113 months ago | reply

      @smiling; now zo'n fool maak je niet van jezelf aangezien je likeur in correct spaans schreef en ik niet hehehe inmiddels verbeterd

    5. bodhi47 113 months ago | reply

      prefer bourbon myself, some nice maker's mark....

    6. soleá 113 months ago | reply

      hihihi ja wat die David toch allemaal bij ons los maakt!!!

      translation for David: I was saying how wonderful you are!!

    7. The man called D. 113 months ago | reply

      :$ I come again to show you this
      And I'm going to leave really blushed :$
      Thanks, dear :$ :$ :$ :$ :$ (don't ask me why, but this time I'm really, really, really blushed).

      Knuffel en kussen,


    8. bodhi47 113 months ago | reply

      thanks, that means alot to me.

    9. soleá 113 months ago | reply

      Hmmzz did not understand my little joke =/

    10. smiling_da_vinci 113 months ago | reply

      @ David... Please put the knuffels en kussen in a more private place. lol.. I don't wanna know this! :op

    11. The man called D. 113 months ago | reply

      "Knuffels" and "Kussen" are for BOTH of you!


    12. soleá 113 months ago | reply

      omdat ik m gecropt heb uit een groter geheel! daarom is ie maar zo klein (en ook niet zo scherp)

    13. The man called D. 113 months ago | reply

      Well, talking seriously. I don't know what's the "exact mean" of "a kiss" in other cultures and how kisses could be interpreted in other places. Then I'm starting to think that when we talk about kisses, we aren't talking about the same thing. And, perhaps, you can think "this latin lover are flooding me with passional acts", and I don't want that.
      So I want you to know that when I say "kiss", "kuss", "beso", et cetera, I'm just taking a way to express affection to anybody.
      In my usual life I kiss my friends and my family ans to ppl who I apreciate, 'cos I love to express affection to the people I love.
      Now I'm telling you this 'cos maybe you can feel discomfort, and I don't want that. I truly apreciate you and I'm not here to bother you, buddy.

      Knuffel vriend,


    14. The man called D. 113 months ago | reply

      Btw, I you can translate my message, then you win a bottle of Cardhu.
      (The man called D. is still ashamed by his poooooor english :$)


    15. leo59 113 months ago | reply

      je aanrecht reflecteert
      mooi in je glas!

    16. Ranabass 113 months ago | reply

      Ahh... I am a bourbon man, too, like Bohdi. But, i really appreciate any one who appreciates either! Love photographing beers and whiskeys, too.

    17. s.hyo.k 113 months ago | reply

      haha well, I had some whisky or not so sure...just it is 30% alcohol one last night...and felt nice..:P

    18. (c) Esh Photography. [deleted] 66 months ago | reply

      ik wil wel een liquer 43, spaanse, hmmmmmmmmmmm :D.

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