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18/365 Keep twisting my bones, just stop twisting my mind. I surrender.

I finally edited another pic from my last week's spontaneous bathtub shoot.


I also found a song that accompanies it perfectly!

Dead Man's Bones - Buried in Water


I really like Dead Man's Bones, but I've never heard that song before. As soon as I found it, I knew I have to link it to this pic.

It's superb!!





What a lamb to its slaughter

Buried in water


Down under the ground

There's a town there, I've been down there

In the middle of the lake

I hold your hand for goodness sake


When the women and kid's are asleep

The walls there and the skin of the sheep

So lock all the windows and doors

The devil's coming for you and yours


Like a lamb to his slaughter

Buried in water


When the leaves go floating away

In the pale moonlight

Bury anchors in our garden

And we can let our heartbeats go

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Taken on October 29, 2011