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Extreme Silhouette

For Round 11 of flickr's Get Pushed!! group, I was paired with the very talented misst.shs ( ). Her work is absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful, and celebrates the nature that's all around her in the northern reaches of Idaho. I implore you to check out her photos - they're a real treat!


[For those of you unfamiliar with the Get Pushed!! group, let me explain. First, visit the group (go ahead - click the above link), and check out some of the photos in there. What you're seeing is the result of pairs of people being thrown together at random to challenge each other to come up with a photo using a technique or theme that's observably outside the other's comfort zone or realm of experience. Like what you see? Great! Second, sign up for the weekly challenge. Once the sign-up closes, you'll be paired up with somebody you've probably never met. Third, peruse their photos - they'll peruse yours, too - keep an eye out for places you'd like to see that person grow as a photographer. Then issue a challenge! You'll be given one, as well. Before the week's up, post your photo for all to see. Congratulations! You've been pushed!]


Misst.shs challenged me like this:


"I noticed in your stream that you had very few images that could be considered in the silhouette genre. Since the word photography comes from the Greek meaning writing with light, I would like you to concentrate on that wonderful light. My challenge for you this time is to create a photographic work of art in silhouette form... I think that you will have fun with this. The subjects are entirely at your discretion. (I know that this is one I think will be fun; I hope that you will too.)"


Excellent, thought I! Here's my chance to score some very artsy photos using the early autumn sunset to brilliantly illuminate the firey bursts of New England's glorious maples, birches, and oaks. I can just get the low-slanting sunlight to diaphanously create a stained glass vista that I'll get some pedestrian to walk in front of unawares, so I can capture it all on my ever-waiting camera.


Then I couldn't get out of work on time. And it's supposed to rain the rest of the week. 'Blah,' said Toad. I decided to simply move it indoors. On the plus side, I can control the lighting (a single 300-watt quartz lamp just above and behind my head) and not have to worry about beating the sunset. On the downside, there's not much exciting to see out here in the woodshop / studio (especially with that backlighting). So, I figured, "Let's go for a high-key silhouette and see what happens." I was pleasantly surprised by the results. I hope misst.shs likes it too!

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Taken on October 18, 2011