smc P-A* 300mm F4.0
Photos of and by this lens.

I've been using this lens quite a bit for outdoor concerts and for some astrophotography. Mostly I'm using it stopped down to 5.6 to control some of the purple fringe bleed and give some focus relief. As a * lens, it should have better PF control and it does.

It's a heavy lens, not as bad as the 200mm F2.5. Still, I've started using a walking stick to help support the front of the lens when I can. This really improves the shots and allows me to concentrate on getting ideal focus.

For the astrophotos, I've only used it with the IDAS LPS filter on the front of the lens so I've no idea on how bad the PF may be on stars. The star images are tight and round across the field. I have found that true infinity is just shy of the infinity symbol when at 65F.
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