ADA with Leonardo in Nottingham Castle
analog interactive installation / kinetic sculpture / post-digital drawing machine

with Leonardo Da Vinci: Drawings from the Royal Collection

and on Ada Lovelace Day

at Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery, UK

ADA is presented alongside Leonardo da Vinci: Drawings from the Royal Collection coinciding with the shows final weekend, the work typifies Leonardo’s inventive approach to the world and to drawing. It also forms part of the Castle’s "Big Draw 2016" programme, this year’s theme brings together Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Maths. STEAM recalls our Industrial past and the fusion of creative innovation, enterprise and the arts, a theme that couldn’t be more fitting for both ADA and Leonardo.

ADA also celebrates Ada Lovelace Day on 11 October 2016. Lovelace was the sole child of erratic poet Lord Byron, and mathematics-loving Annabella Milbanke. Ada became a mathematician and writer, chiefly known for her work on Charles Babbage’s early mechanical general-purpose computer, The Analytical Engine. Although Babbage and his assistants had sketched out programs for his engine before, Lovelace’s are the most elaborate and complete, and the first to be published (in 1843); hence she is often referred to as “the first computer programmer”.
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