Riza Ave, Manila, Philippines postcard 1950's

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back of card says Night view of Rizal Avenue, Manila, Philippines.
postcard maker: Kruger 17347

This site has info on all theatres in the Philippines. Most of the theatres on Riza Ave.where in the Art Deco style it seems. Sure wish I could see inside this card!

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  1. orngejuglr 44 months ago | reply

    WOW! Thanks to both of you for sharing these here!

  2. gene.corbito 42 months ago | reply

    It's nice to see an old postcard of my hometown. If you could see this street now, you'll be very disappointed. There's an elevated rail track blocking the view now.

    edit: found some photos:



  3. Beyond Forgetting 42 months ago | reply

    Those elevated rails really distroyed the city. .. just so some could earned a few pesos.
    Those rails should be brought down to ground level like in pre-war days like in Europe.

  4. Alshareef Hashim 41 months ago | reply

    Very very nice shot!

  5. Rose Croix 41 months ago | reply

    That theater East of Tivoli or Sta Cruz Theater was also referred to after the 2nd WW as Cine Astor -

    Astor Theater
    From Internet

  6. Rose Croix 41 months ago | reply

    One of the first theaters in Manila to open after World War II was Astor. It exhibited the anti-Japanese English movie Behind the Rising Sun in January, 1946. Hatred for the Japanese soldiers was at its height and many films, both foreign and local, carried that theme.

    Astor later became a second-run theater and then burlesque house, where many adventurous teenage males of the ’50s first saw scantily clad girls dancing to the tune of sexy music
    From Internet -

  7. Lougopal 33 months ago | reply

    I hate to tell you this but your postcard only dates back to the Fifites or early Sixties and not the 1930s because, as you can see, the traffic is going on the right side. Pre-war traffic was on the left like British traffic.

  8. orngejuglr 33 months ago | reply

    Thank you for that, i had no idea. I was dating it from...well now I can't remember. The back usually but if not that then I try to research a date from others online. I have since sold the card to another collector.
    I think I will say 1950's as many of the theatre's have closed in the 60's I was told. I am just a lover of theatres & neon and could resist buying this beauty to share here on flickr.

  9. Tanglaw 33 months ago | reply

    I saw somewhere a photo of Tivoli Theater, before it became Sta Cruz Theater.

  10. Beyond Forgetting 33 months ago | reply

    A little bit more to the West of Astor Theater would be Tivoli


    Photo by M T Frazier

  11. Mikeee2012 31 months ago | reply

    This is a fantastic picture of Avenida Rizal, This is the Avenida I remember, I wonder if anybody could remember a theatre located in the corner of raon and avenida? just before you reach avenue theatre if your north bound, I seem to remember it's called regency theatre?

  12. Guill Ramos 21 months ago | reply

    Hi.Good day! Do you own this photo? Thanks! :)

  13. Beyond Forgetting 20 months ago | reply

    On the East side of Avenida Rizal going North after State Theater is Ever. Before it became Ever it was Grand Theater. This was during the Japanese Era.
    See photo below by Sepia Lens

  14. Mikeee2012 20 months ago | reply

    I remember the Grand theater in Quezon Boulevard, I never knew until now that Ever was once Grand theater, wow! that was something Bren.

  15. Mikeee2012 20 months ago | reply

    But I am quite sure of a theater that once stood in the corner of Raon St. & Avenida just before you reach National Bookstore if you're coming from the North, I believe that was Regency Theater, does it ring a bell?

  16. Beyond Forgetting 20 months ago | reply

    I have never been inside the Regency Theater. The photo below of an advertisement showed the existence and location ...but to get it into my mind , I have to see a photo of the theater itself ...
    Photo is from Pagaalinlangan's Collection

  17. Beyond Forgetting 20 months ago | reply

    Here's an older photo of Avenida Rizal showing the Grand Theater on the East side of the street going Southward and the State Theater and on the West side is the Universal Theater just after the Avenue Theater.
    Photo by Sepia Lens

  18. Mikeee2012 20 months ago | reply

    Thank you very much Bren for this wonderful trivia, I only have a vague memory of Regency theater, never been inside of it but I only remember it being there and this photo is so fantastic! thank you so much!!!

  19. Beyond Forgetting 20 months ago | reply

    In this aerial photo from Sepia Lens ... one can see Avenida Rizal, the Grand Theater and the State Theater - near the left edge of the photo

    Manila 1945

  20. Beyond Forgetting 19 months ago | reply

    Here's a photo that showed the Vision Theater at Calle Tetuan ... looking Westward toward Sta Cruz Church which you were saying was located near the bridge that goes toward Dasmarinas.

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