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    1. JSN.M 83 months ago | reply

      How tare they working?
      the ones I made a while ago are holding true

    2. sonofson 83 months ago | reply

      i love them, really snug. in the past it's taken ages to find just the right strap and position, but i just whacked these on and away you go

    3. rakan rakan rakan 83 months ago | reply

      i'm excited already

    4. sonofson 83 months ago | reply

      seen man seen

      come pick yours up rakan, wanna get you riding them. see if there up to the job

    5. rakan rakan rakan 83 months ago | reply

      your meant to be here. bring them tomorrow

    6. astrozzack 79 months ago | reply

      those look rather interesting. what was the verdict then? any good? i like the colour scheme already!

    7. sonofson 77 months ago | reply

      so verdict is: they work real good, both me and a friend are riding with them and both love them, his exact words were "i would not be riding cages if i didnt have these"

      so i should be making a batch, new and improved, but dont hold your breath as i have a whole batch of new stuff that i want to come out at the same time

    8. rakan rakan rakan 77 months ago | reply

      puts it on the blog.....

    9. sonofson 77 months ago | reply

      no.......not till some are made, otherwise ill just get a million mails from people trying to order them, so i have to go and explain over and over that there not actually in production yet!


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