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Billy goat / Cabrón | by SantiMB.Photos
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Billy goat / Cabrón

Plaça Major - Manresa, Barcelona (Spain).


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Dancing group "Cor de Catalunya" performing "Sàbat de Bruixes"


Grupo de danza "Cor de Catalunya" interpretando "Sàbat de Bruixes"



The Sabbath or Sabbat is a supposed meeting of those who practice witchcraft, Satanism, or other rites.


European records tell of innumerable cases of persons being accused or tried for taking part in Sabbath gatherings, from the Middle Ages to the 17th century or later. However, there are no reliable reports on what actually happened during a Sabbath; and much of what was written about them may be the product of popular imagination or deliberate misinformation.


The Compendium Maleficarum (1608), by Francesco Maria Guazzo, aka Guaccio, Guaccius is a book published by an Italian priest with some illustrations of what he imagined could be a Sabbath, and gives a description of it; a brief summary can be cited as an example: "the attendants go riding flying goats, trample the cross, are made to be re-baptised in the name of the Devil, give their clothes to him, kiss the Devil's behind, and dance back to back forming a round".


The most common belief on which authors agreed is that Satan was present at the Sabbath, often as a goat or satyr, and many agreed that more demons were present. Another belief said that sometimes a person could offer his/her own body to be possessed by some demon serving as a medium. It was believed that the Sabbath commenced at midnight and ended at dawn, beginning with a procession, continuing with a banquet, then a Black Mass, and culminating with an orgy in which non-marital or sexual intercourse with demons in male or female form was practised. Consumption of hallucinogens and sometimes alcohol was often reported.


According to folklore, the Sabbath was most often celebrated in isolated places, preferably forests or mountains.


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Un aquelarre (del euskera akelarre, "aker" = macho cabrío; "larre" = campo) es el lugar donde las brujas (sorgiñas en euskera) celebran sus reuniones y sus rituales. Aunque la palabra viene del euskera se ha asimilado en castellano y por extensión se refiere a cualquier reunión de brujas y brujos.


En estas celebraciones se solía venerar un macho cabrío negro al que se le ha asociado con el culto a Satán. Uno de los aquelarres más conocidos es el que se celebraba en la cueva de Zugarramurdi (Navarra) y de aquí es de donde le viene al ritual el nombre, del lugar donde se celebraba. Aquelarre es el nombre del campo que está delante de la mencionada cueva.


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