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Marie showcases XPress Pressed Coffee | by Smart Cup
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Marie showcases XPress Pressed Coffee

Marie, the owner of Levens Coffee Company, brews up tasty coffee at her roastery with French press by XPress Lid.


ABOUT Levens Coffee Company


Our approach is simple: Fair Trade & Organic coffee, artfully roasted daily, and a beverage menu that doesn't leave you confused.


Some coffee can induce pure bliss and others are strong enough to power rockets. You don't need to be Einstein to figure it out, but we have one thing to say: FRESH. And what does fresh mean? "Fresh" means that the beans have been carefully roasted to preserve their precious oils. They have not been over roasted or God forbid, burned - a common practise that prolongs shelf life but kills flavour. "Fresh" also means that the beans have been roasted within 14 days. Leven's beans don't lie about their age! We roast in small batches- 2 1/4 lbs at a time- so every day we are replenishing our stock.


At Leven's we roast 100% Arabica beans and keep them true to the country they are from (Single Origin). We have one blend- our Espresso. Although we believe that flavours like hazelnut, Irish Cream, raspberry, mint and curry have their place in this world, we feel that they are best left out of coffee. Coffee should taste like...well, coffee! Once you start experiencing the subtle differences among origins, you'll develop an appreciation for those differences and look forward to trying more!


For many, coffee has become automatic or drive through. We want you to have passion for the art of the brew. How coffee is brewed matters too! Here at Leven's we want you to discover a coffee ritual that creates space and allows you to think, create and enjoy.


We LOVE French Press coffee. Leven's coffee "blooms" as the water is poured over the grounds, releasing an intense aroma that makes us smile. The beans are left to steep for 4 minutes. Steeping is the only way that the true flavour of coffee can be experienced. Essential oils are fully extracted creating a rich, full expression of flavour. In this case, sacrificing 4 minutes for coffee that will make you grin from ear to ear is worth it. We make your French Press in a disposable, recyclable cup. Yes, that's right....the press is built right into the lid! You just have to try it.


At Leven's we care about others and our world. You do not have to ask us which coffees are Organic or Fair Trade - they ALL are! We have a coffee bag recycling program, and would like for you to use your own travel mug. For that, we will reward you with a discount. If you don't have one, our disposable cups are compostable, so we feel good about that. We support "Cafe Femenino" a Cooperative that supports areas where the majority of the coffee production is performed by women.

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Taken on July 27, 2011