we dont need no steenkin lensbaby

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    ...all we need is a long exposure on a hella windy night. about 30-40 minutes.

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    1. jon madison ages ago | reply

      ay thanks! mur:rder check the tags:) voigtlander Bessa R camera, 15mm wide angle lens (i point this out 'cos the tags are helpful to figure out most of what i shoot with if you see others in my stream you're interested in)

      cmatta--i've been wondering myself! i'm thinking they havfe to be satellites (you'll notice another one a little bit below it). very interesting

    2. 4PIZON ages ago | reply

      30+ min exp? Wow, I like it. At first I thought it was a camera toss, but know I see the star streaks. Very nice. I have been waiting for a good night to out and do something for about 2 weeks. No luck so far.

    3. SilverOxide ages ago | reply

      Jon, this one is amazing! Loving this spinny-star series you're doing.

    4. Sirio Magnabosco ages ago | reply

      really nice pic!

      ain't satellites suppose to turn as the earth turn?

    5. Beau Maes ages ago | reply


    6. jon madison ages ago | reply

      thanks y'all.

      hah re: camera toss--i've been trying to figure out how on earth they do that. the idea of tossing my camera scares me. :)

    7. jon madison ages ago | reply

      yeah you know--it may more likely be several different airplanes of varying distances...i would *think* a satellite would appear to just stay in one place?

    8. Chris Matta ages ago | reply

      But airplanes blink as they move across the sky, which would result in "dots" along those lines. These are smooth and straight... Shooting stars?

    9. jon madison ages ago | reply

      cmatta---ahh shooting stars...could be! i don't know much about stuff in the air, i just take the pictures:)


    10. jon madison ages ago | reply

      hmmm 3 favorites today after months and months of no activity. where else is this being shown? :)

    11. jon madison ages ago | reply


      unfortunately they've completely disregarded any licensing terms on the photo, and no notification on my part that i recall

      and we wonder why flickrites are removing photos by the bunch

      honored anyway.


      Seen on the Web. (?)

    12. jon madison ages ago | reply

      ...add to the irony that this is a film, not digital photograph.

    13. Sir Mildred Pierce ages ago | reply

      What kind of film did you use?

    14. jon madison ages ago | reply

      it's in the tags.
      kodak max 400.

    15. jon madison ages ago | reply


    16. Snuffelopagus 119 months ago | reply

      this is fab! long exposure rocks

    17. hala moodie 96 months ago | reply

      Soooper doooper! :)

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