family outing

they like taking pictures in the red room too, apparently.


feaured in file magazine, 2006.

  • [ CK ] 10y

    Damn it man, leave some red for the rest of us!
  • jon madison 10y

    haaaa thanks a lot y'all. it ended up being one of my favorites, primarily because of the subject. i've taken a keen interest in people taking photos of one another at famous monuments (brought on by a particular martin parr photo at the parthenon, no doubt)
  • GoodMolecules 9y

    Wow! that is amazing! The red is seeping into my brain and I hope it never leaves!

    Wonderful wonderful wonderful!
  • noveltywearsoff 9y

    I love looking at this (and I do so often).
  • jon madison 9y

    haaa thanks :)

    both of you lol
  • * hugo * 9y

    really nice one!
  • michelle 9y

    love the red
  • Jennifer McKay 9y

    mine eyes have seen the glory... and it is RED!
  • faiththebrooker 9y

    clockwork orange
  • gerold. 9y

    metaphorical, just don't know in what sense. good piece anyway.
  • David Solomons 9y

    Ace shot, love it!!
  • Maurice d'Anjou 9y

    great photo you have here, i'd like a red room too !

    Yet even more red!
  • omrip 9y

    great colors ,loved it :)
  • heidi kalinski 9y

    i was at the library for the first time on friday and i was like, oohhhhh, this is what jon has pictures of. haha. so i had to come back and find these. they are great shots. :)
  • Neo 9y

    whoa, ive just spent at least 10 mins just, admiring it! Brilliant, that is perfection!
  • Rowan Beckworth 8y

    holy crap thats some serious red
    wicked shot man
    i want to try this x-pro action i think =)
  • lemon hound 8y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Books & Portraits, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.
  • imajane 7y

    Wow, very interesting pic. Love the colour too
  • Christoph Christoph 6y

    far out.
  • jon madison 6y

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