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    interesting pair.

    1. Cecile-c 105 months ago | reply

      Great shot! I was wondering how did you add the black 16/9 frame?
      Thanks for your help ;-)

    2. street stars 105 months ago | reply

      like a scene from a movie.... cool shot.

    3. jon madison 105 months ago | reply

      thanks y'all!

      i didn't add the frame--i shot this in "panoramic mode" (a mode that comes with my camera, which basically just puts black borders around the shot--to my knowledge it doesn't make the picture any wider), and the processor processed it with the borders in tact (instead of cropping it to fit 4x6).

    4. shveckle 105 months ago | reply

      Hi, what camera is this? I know you must have said somewhere else. I know you probably do not like digital, but my LUMIX LX1 is native 16:9 ratio. I like the black borders, it reminds me of vinyl album covers.

    5. jon madison 105 months ago | reply

      the tags speak the truth:)

      rollei prego 70.

      but feel free to ask me any question, i'm happy when you stop by. you are a crush and i'm such a fan. :-)


    6. jon madison 105 months ago | reply

      and yeah, i really wouldn't mind having the lumix lx1 -- i got to play with one of those (panasonic, right?), but if i recall correctly, there's no viewfinder, to which i'm a slave.

    7. shveckle 105 months ago | reply

      Sometimes I forget about looking at the tags.
      tru, no viewfinder, and am sure none for the LX2 either.
      I like your icon, almost as good as mine.

    8. jon madison 105 months ago | reply

      i am just not sure how i'd live without a viewfinder!

      i'm sure i'd get used to it--i hear so many speaking of how it does feel "better" -- what do you think? is it better than a viewfinder? i kept finding myself going for the viewfinder, and completely missing it...i'm sure i'd probably get used to it, i guess...

    9. jon madison 105 months ago | reply

      yeah your icon's definitely superior, although i do think mine's quite dope :)

    10. shveckle 105 months ago | reply

      I like both the viewfinder and the LCD for different reasons. An SLR viewfinder looks beautiful and fun. It is more enjoyable to look through to me. But I wear glasses and I look through with my right eye and my left eye glass always gets extremely smudged and my eyes also get tired looking through it. Also it annoys people more on the streets, they just don't like a camera pointed at them and it is way more noticable when it is up to my eye. Just the other day I decided to bring out my SLR on the street. I had it to my eye just looking around, not considering taking a picture of anything. But like 200 yards away or so I see a man with a newspaper over his face, already traumafied about my camera. As he passes me he is like don't take a picture of me. This rarely ever happens if at all with my little LX1. It also frees my eyes up more and it is easier to compose not always at eye level, which I like. Can compose near my stomach, I can still see the outlines of everthing. I also can talk to people easier while taking photos, which is fun and less antisocial. So I like both.

    11. jon madison 103 months ago | reply

      in case you were wondering, i read this (hah i didn't respond, sorry!)

      you're hella verbose, and i love that.

      i always feel obliged to respond in kind (which will rarely happen--that's dumb of me to never respond)

      so yeah thanks much for your words!

      i think it's a combination of size and not looking through the finder. i can still get great candid shots with my film cameras looking through the viewfinder, the only one that trips me up sometimes (or at least i feel self-conscious about using it) is the digital SLR. i can keep both eyes open with all of my cams but the SLR (although i'm trying--its just that i have to deal with the odd "wink without winking" action i feel when i hit the shutter:)

      j(oh wait i think i just did respond in kind).

    12. Urban Disturbance 103 months ago | reply

      she looks rather scared than angry...

    13. jon madison 103 months ago | reply

      trust me, she was angry (and incase you're wondering, not at me...or that guy)

      apparently anger's diverse ;-)

    14. pchweat 94 months ago | reply

      great capture! :)

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