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a serious discussion

over the past couple of weeks, my vatos have been acting out. they've been weeing in the house (sometimes poo'ing as well), they've been aggressive and have even stalked dottie and tried to attack her.


poor mr smalls doesn't want to go home at night, and we've been driven nuts by the dogs.


i imagine (based on the # of homes they've had in the past) that this is about the time that they've been returned. but we won't return them.


i've got the number of a trainer who will come to the house, but before we call her, i decided to go back to the basics of the routine that i kept the dogs on when i first brought them home.


1. walks twice a day

2. confined to the laundry room when i'm away

3. no chewey bones until wer really get this routine down.

4. no fuss over them when i get home.

5. making them use the dog door when coming in and out instead of letting them use the sliding glass door.


it's been only 2 days, but i've seen a big improvement so far. i forgot for a bit just how long it takes for any animal (but especially one from a bad home) to get used to their environment and feel comfortable.


i also forgot that dogs are all about routine. they were doing so well after a few weeks, that i broke their routine and gave them some privileges that they were clearly not ready for.

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Taken on October 15, 2008