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Betcha' just can't have one!

As I was perusing through the grocery store today, I remembered from the back of my mind that I was meaning to buy something. It wasn't until I passed by the cereal aisle that it hit me. Lay's Canada recently came out with two new flavours for their chips. Wasabi and Spicy Curry. One of my coworkers had the curry flavour sitting on his desk but wouldn't open it. This left me with no choice but to buy both flavours to try it out.


Opening the bags must have been the most interesting moment of this Lay's experience. The aroma of the curry flavour rushing out of the freshly opened bag caught my nose as it really did smell like curry. "Impressive," I thought to myself. Without tasting it, I opened the Wasabi flavour hoping for an equally satisfying experience. Instead, it was reminiscent of me opening a bag of dill pickled chips. Hmm... not a good start.


Then came the taste test. Curry came first. I popped one in my mouth. Crunchy, yes. Flavourful, yes. Salty, extremely! This one actually did taste like curry, although not as spicy as your typical curry dish. The flavour isn't very intense, but gives you a good idea of what curry is all about. With the scent of curry and the mock taste of it, it's actually quite an interesting chip sensation.


My curiosity satisfying curry chip experience set the benchmark for the wasabi flavoured chip. Crunchy, yes. Flavourful, not quite. Salty, extremely! It wasn't until I ate about 5 or 6 chips that the subtle hint of wasabi came through to my senses. And even at that, it was ever so subtle. Normally, wasabi stings you on the spot, clearing your sinuses like a drill through your nostrils. That's the wasabi that I'm accustomed to. I know I can't expect the same coming out of a potato chip, but this one was a little disappointing.


Overall, both chips are just too salty to my liking. More salty than other favourite flavours such as ketchup, dill pickles, and more. They need to cut back on it two fold. It's just not right. I refrained from eating too much as the salt really got to me. Not to mention that excessive, heavy sensation I felt at the bottom of my stomach where all that wonderful chip fatness is sitting. Mind you, these chippies have 0 trans fat! Alright! Now I can justify eating more chips. Yeah, right.


I have to hand it to Lay's though, for coming out with something like this. It's a bold move on their part. I think it's safe to say that this will be my last time buying these chips.


But then again, I'm not a chip eater to begin with.

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Uploaded on March 8, 2006