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Ruby | by sMacshot-on semi hiatus
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A beautiful heavy wool fisherman's sweater. That's what Ruby had on the

first time I ever met her. She's an uncharacteristically [greying] blonde

Basset Hound who lives in my neighborhood - - in her senior years, well past

her fox hunting days. It was winter, that first meeting, and when she saw

me approach, with wagging tail, eagerly looking up at me, she

plopped down on her side for a belly rub. Since then, she 'assumes the

position' any time I run into her, and the joy is mutual, she is one sweet

doggie. On occasions, Ruby would be accompanied by her 'sister', a

marshmallow-beige French bull dog named Delilah. Delilah was young, and

curious and as I'd kneel to rub Ruby's belly, Delilah would stand on my knee

and kiss my face. The last time I ran into Ruby I was taking night shots

around the neighborhood, which is what I'd often be doing when I'd run into

she and her caretaker (not her owner). So, camera in hand, I decided to take

some photos, but something was different. Her caretaker explained: Ruby was

depressed. Just days before, Delilah had died quite suddenly, and Ruby did

not want to leave the house without her. She didn't understand. Or maybe

she did. I've not run into Ruby since, and I do hope she's recovered from

her sadness. Such a sweet dog as she does not deserve a broken heart.

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Taken on February 12, 2010