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Dangerous Photography:Roadsign and  YN54 DDO, National Express Coaches, High State of Alert Britain, April 24 2009 | by sludgegulper
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Dangerous Photography:Roadsign and YN54 DDO, National Express Coaches, High State of Alert Britain, April 24 2009

Here we are on a very busy road, (used to be London Transport 308 Route, with the former Clay's Lane estate where the earth mountain is in the background) linking stratford with the A12 - hence heavy coach traffic. No signs banning photography as was the norm in some public parts of Communist states. Off to the left the 2012 Olympic park. (behind a very high fence) I wish I had known about the mass photo-shoot at Walthamstow the next day, following community police banning Austrian tourists from photographing buses,as I would have been there like a shot.

The photo above caused two "Olympic park" police in police uniforms and "name badges" to screech to a halt in a white POLICE-marked 4WD and grill me about terrorism (oh great idea, officer) ,my opinions on the Olympics . Thought --will cameras be confiscated from visitors to the 2012 Olympics? (er wouldn't a terrorist wait until 2012 anyway?) etc etc. I did point out that about 8 million people have photographed INTO (whoops!) the olympic site from the Greenway observation point. Does anyone know what power these Olympic Park Police have? They carried out an ID check (quicker with ID cards). Mr Sludgegulper. How do you spell that ,Sir? Certainly officer, S-L-U..... They wanted to see the above photo, but I couldn't worked out how to bring up the image, as I had borrowed the camera! Is one I wonder allowed to write something down with pen and pencil here without suspicion? What about memory? Isn't photography just an extension of the latter? What is going on in Britain? Are we just sleepwalking into something where other countries have been before,where everyone is a potential enemy of the state? The USSR? 1930s Germany? So just be careful out there...


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Ah nearly forgot due to that serious, real and imminent potential terrorst incident,......YN54DDO, a Volvo B12B WITH Plaxton Panther belonging to Burton Coaches passes the newly built railway sidings serving the top secret 2012 Olympic Games site, owned by Burton Coaches Haverhill. Just behind the camera (careful now .....) to the left was the garage of the famous touring fleet of Essex County Coaches Ltd, with the fleetname Galleon Tours.

An apostrophe is missing from the road sign. Though some would like them consigned to the dustbin of history as the meaning is quite clear. There will certainly be more than one athlete.

PS The temporary railway sidings have been removed.


PS You can't take pictures here is now literally true, because the road has been blocked off to the public.

Here's one I sneaked the next year without getting arrested

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Taken on April 24, 2009