• Kodak Elitechrome 100EB (x50)
  • Agfa Precisa 100 (x10 with another 10 in the freezer)
  • Kodak E100G (x5)
  • Fuji Sensia 100 (x4)
  • Lomography Chrome 100 (x27)
  • Kodak Elitechrome Extra Color EBX (x4)

35mm slide film stash

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Been sorting out my film stash. This is my slide film collection, minus a few odd rolls. Been stocking up to future-proof myself, as most of this either is, or is about to be, discontinued - the Fuji Sensia, the Kodak Elitechromes and E100G...

Am definitely streamlining what I'm shooting - I used to pick up any odd roll of slide film (which was good for my spooky tree series) but now it's all beginning to run out I'm concentrating on the Elitechrome / Lomography 100 / Old-School Precisa type colours (rather than the mad greens and reds of some of the other slide films)

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  1. jose-rodriguez.net 36 months ago | reply

    Great ammo, well-done!

  2. Mark, just Mark. 36 months ago | reply

    .....super jealous, I've got loads of film but its all random stuff, a lot of mono stuff which I'm loving, however i've only got 15 rolls of chrome left.......starting to bite my nails a bit now with nerves........

  3. slimmer_jimmer 36 months ago | reply

    unsoundmind - buy buy buy I say... when it's gone it's gone

  4. YuShY FoO 36 months ago | reply

    your safe =)

  5. kirkario 36 months ago | reply

    wow, that's a wedge. the price of ektachrome has shot up here, i should have bought 100 rolls last year

  6. Daz. 36 months ago | reply

    That's a lot of Chrome!

  7. slimmer_jimmer 36 months ago | reply

    is there no Chinese-manufactured slide film?

    it is, just added it up and it's exactly 100 rolls! But with all the discontinuing, that's gotta last me as long as I want to keep doing xpro....

  8. kirkario 36 months ago | reply

    nope... the only chinese film i've found is very crappy B&W stuff and lucky super film. luckily the slide film here isn't so expensive (or it wasn't till recently!) i love ektachrome but i guess i'll end up shooting velvia soon

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