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Veggieburger, Soy Bacon, and Cheese on a Whole Wheat Krispy Kreme Doughnut

As is common wisdom, one thing the Catholic church excels at is instilling guilt in those raised in the faith. However lapsed I may be these days, that guilt remains.


So, while I may not attend mass as often as I should, I always try to give up something for Lent. This year, I decided I'd go really hard on myself and give up red meat. That means ... yes ... NO BURGERS!


Anyway, all the blogging I've been doing lately on AHT about the "Grizzlie Burger" (a bacon cheeseburger on a Krispy Kreme bun) gave me a hankerin' for one.


Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I broke down and bought some Gardenburger patties, some Smart Bacon, some real cheddar cheese (I'm avoiding red meat, not cheese).


To really go all out, I figured I'd use the new whole wheat Krispy Kreme as my bun.


I whipped this thing up in the Serious Eats offices using the toaster oven and the hot plate we inherited from the previous tenants.


How did it taste?


How do you think? I'm counting down the days till Easter.

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Taken on March 1, 2007