Kofoo: Hot and Spicy Noodle Soup with Rice Cakes

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    1. Homesick Texan 100 months ago | reply

      Why have I never ordered from them before? I know what's for dinner...I would do anything to dive into this bowl!

    2. Adam Kuban 100 months ago | reply

      If you live close to Brgr, you live close enough to Kofoo to order! I think a bowl of soup would be filling enough (especially with rice cakes), but I always go for broke and get a kim bob (sushi-like roll) with it. I like how the two dishes complement each other.

    3. thewanderingeater 100 months ago | reply

      A bowl of soup and noodles are comfort food to me...somehow being Chinese, I don't care for rice that much in comparison to noodles, pasta, and especially bread.

    4. jenchung 100 months ago | reply

      Stop showing these pictures! I am so hungry now.

    5. Adam Kuban 100 months ago | reply

      Bwaaahhh hah hah hah, Jen. It is MY GOAL to MAKE YOU HUNGRY. It has been achieved. I think I'm going to start eating earlier, just to catch you before you eat lunch.

    6. youthlarge 100 months ago | reply

      whoever finally gets around to opening up a korean joint in park slope is going to make a killing.

    7. missbhavens 100 months ago | reply

      Ohmigod. I'm sitting here in upstate NY awaiting a big storm and this soup looks soooooo good! I love those funny little rice cake thingies! More like a texture than a flavor. Smooth and bouncy.

      The minute I get back to the city I'm headed to this restaurant.

    8. Adam Kuban 100 months ago | reply

      @missbhavens: "smooth and bouncy" is TOTALLY how you'd describe these things. I love the texture. There's a Shanghainese dish that sautés them with onions and a tasty sauce. It's one of my favorites.

    9. abbottchalew 100 months ago | reply

      Mnm... delicious! This would make a great midnight snack... ;)

    10. leahjunekim 100 months ago | reply

      If only this were closer to me I'd say it's my new hangover cure. It looks like the most amazing rendition of sapporo/shin cup ever made. Hope they don't think they can charge momofuku-ridiculous prices for it, too?

    11. Adam Kuban 100 months ago | reply

      @ttobb: It would, I think. I wonder if it would give me acid reflux, though.

      @Muf: This version is $5.50. The soups there are pretty much within $0.25 of one another, though I think there might be one as low as $4.50. I'm actually not a huge Momofuku fan. I think his broth is too salty.

    12. missbhavens 100 months ago | reply

      ...and expensive! Momofuku's prices are crazy, HOWEVER...

      ...for the flippyfloppysmoothandbouncy rice cake fan (this is aimed at you, Mr. Slice) Momofuku has a spicy kimchi stew whose main ingredient is rice cakes. I'm not talking about a few slivers of the stuff, I mean piles of them. They're swimming around a thick spicy stew looking a lot like rigatoni. And it's one of the cheaper dishes on the menu! Might be worth a trip to check it out!

    13. Adam Kuban 100 months ago | reply

      @missbhavens: Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out. I want to try his pork buns again.

    14. david 100 months ago | reply

      I'm eating this now.

    15. Adam Kuban 100 months ago | reply

      @david: Another convert! Kofoo should start giving me a referral bonus. I'd take a jalapeño kim bob for every 10 new customers.

    16. david 100 months ago | reply

      the rice cakes are better than the tofu. God those are good.

    17. glow4god 99 months ago | reply

      that looks soooooooooooo good!

    18. aloalo* 99 months ago | reply

      wooo this one looks yummyyyyyy

    19. {o-f-f} 80 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called ♥ Delicious Vegetarian Foods ♥, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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