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Lamb Bone for Seder Plate | by slgckgc
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Lamb Bone for Seder Plate

We almost had a Passover catastrophe.


OK, catastrophe is way overstating it. But a mainstay of the Passover Seder plate is the roasted shank bone. Normally I would have spread my Passover shopping out over a few days, but we had a 10% off coupon at McCaffrey's, and I wanted to get the most bang for my buck. Plus I wanted to shop in the afternoon so that all of the prepared foods would be ready.


Everything was going well until we went to pick up a shank bone, only to discover that they were all out! I never considered that as a possibility. And McCaffrey's is always great about having Jewish holiday food on hand - our quality of life improved tremendously once they came to town. But here we were, preparing for tonight's early Seder and without a shank bone.


Then my hubby started thinking outside the box, and looking at the lamb chops. At first I didn't know why, but then I realized the he wanted to get them so we could use a bone. I then started thinking further outside the box, and asked the man who worked in the meat section whether we could purchase just one lamb chop. He realized what we wanted to do, told us the butcher was cutting up a lamb, and came back with a bone for us. It's not exactly a shank bone, but it's good enough for our ceremonial purposes.


So our tragedy has been averted, and our Seder plate will not be without its bone.

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Taken on March 24, 2013