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Day 173 - So I Was Heading From The Mets Hall Of Fame To The Team Store, And There Was This Crowd....

Yesterday I went to the Mets game at Citi Field. I was having a rough day and wound up taking a much later train than I had wanted to, so by the time I arrived at the park I was feeling rushed and very cranky. I let my son explore the park on his own while I went to drop off a ticket at Will Call for a friend, and then decided to take a quick look into the Mets Hall of Fame before heading upstairs to my seat.


There was a bit of a crowd in the area between the Hall of Fame and the Team Store. As a New Yorker who wanted to get somewhere, my initial reaction was to be annoyed. But upon closer examination I saw the cause of the crowd - Dwight Gooden was in the house.


I thought about taking his picture, but I didn't have anyone around to photograph with him and didn't think I could get a shot of him alone with so many people there. So I asked Dr. K to sign my ticket, which I later gave to my son as a souvenir. He loaned it back to me so I could make it my photo subject du jour. I decided to shoot it with my macro lens, to get the best detail I could on the autograph.


I then ran into my friend Greg, and offered to take his photo with the Mets Hall of Famer, but by the time I got my camera out Gooden was leaving the area. I probably could have gotten a quick shot of him before he left, but honestly I just didn't have my act together enough yesterday to act as quickly as I needed to. I'll consider that a learning moment, and know that I need to be more efficient if/when there's a next time.


But at least my son got a cool souvenir of the game, so that's a good thing.

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Taken on June 22, 2011