Asian Ethnic Cultural Performances 2019
The Annual Asian Ethnic Cultural Performances 2019, organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department for showcasing the radiance of various Asian cultures and the dynamic stage of arts on 17th of Nov 2019.

Sri Lankan Buddhist Cultural Centre - Hong Kong has proudly represented a glimpse of Paradise Sri Lanka & its rich cultural heritage at the Asian Ethnic Cultural Performances - 2019. The show integrated Sri Lankan Culture and enchants the audiences with Colorful Parade, Traditional Dance Performances, Drum Orchestra, Traditional Arts, Crafts and Costume Display.

Throughout the ages travelers of the all corners of the world have journey to mystical and magnificent island nested in the heart of the Indian Ocean, All through history this island the island nation has referred by mean a names such as Taprobane , Serendib, The Granary of the East and still to this day The Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

Specially, the story of Sri Lanka's History, the folk life style, indigenous cultures and traditions toned in the form of multi fascinate dance acts was captivating and entertaining.

SLBCCHK wish to extend their appreciation to all of you for your genuine commitment.!
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