Pirith Chanting & Katina Pinkama Nov 2019
Pirith chanting is the recital of some of the Sutras uttered by Buddha in Pali for the blessing & protection of the devotees.
'Protection' means shielding from various forms of evil spirits, misfortune, sickness & influence of the planetary systems as well as instilling confidence in the mind.

Katina offering ceremony was one of the highest meritorious deeds that devotees could perform.This practice of giving generously, without being tainted by craving and pride, is a condition for the attainment of the highest spiritual goal - Nibbana, or the cessation of all sufferings.

The Whole Night Pirith Chanting Ceremony & The Annual Katina Pinkama on the following day jointly organized on 2nd - 3rd Nov 2019 at SLBCCHK premises.

The program comprised Pirith Chanting by bhikkhus, Alms Giving, Katina Robe Preparation, Procession, Katina Anisansa Dhamma Sermon & Katina Robe Offering.

SLBCCHK wish to extend the appreciation to all devotees for their attendance and support to make the events a great success.

Gaining merit that would help all devotees in their journey through Samsara.
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