Heal Sri Lanka
It is deeply saddening to see the plight of our country and the sufferings of our very own innocent people who are paying the prize with their own lives and tears cause of the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka.

'Heal Sri Lanka' was organized by SLBCCHK at Po Leung Kuk Lam Man Chan English Primary School on 28th of April to commemorate the beautiful souls of the Easter Sunday tragedy in Sri Lanka.

Our prayers and candles for the victims, May the respected lives obtain ultimate happiness and peace, those who are injured and in pain recover soon!!!

With the concept of “LET’S HEAL THEM TOGETHER !!!”, the Sri Lankan University Students of Hong Kong together with SLBCCHK have organized a donation campaign to assist the victims of Easter Sunday attack in Sri Lanka. Donations are well come, any amount that you are comfortable with.

Together, we stand strong. This is our nation, our people and Let's make sure the pearl of the Indian Ocean, May the beloved motherland is healed from all the sufferings.

Thank you the world for joining us to remember, respect and farewell the lives we lost, It's a bit of a relief to know that we are not alone.

Let us all wish and pray that we all embrace peace and spread it around the world. Peace to the whole world!
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