Vagina: It's not a clown car

  • Fraulein N 6y

    I don't remember where I read it, but "these people need to stop fucking. This isn't funny anymore." Seriously. And I think the oldest kid is already starting a brood of his own.
  • Michael Cadelina 6y

    The father there probably beats the wife..
  • Wayne 6y

    No. 19 just popped out to say hi!

    photo needs updating to add another row....
  • JC Motors 5y

    Very Funny
  • benamber05 5y

    Look at the youngest one, he's like, "seriously, this is my life?" they are breeding, and then making the older kids deal with the litter. If you choose to have 19 kids, you'd better have the ability to raise them, instead of enforcing child labor. To each their own I guess, but it is rather disturbing. ...and waht's up with the one girl who doesn't have her hair over her shoulder, is she like the outcast one, or the rebel or somthing? "When I grow up, I'm having 3 kids! Ha! Take that mom and dad!"
  • chamilet 5y

    When child #19 drops out of your uterus only half-baked because your body can no longer handle carrying to full term, THAT IS GOD SAYING ENOUGH!!!
  • mysticcyan 4y

    Look again. Sometimes a vagina IS a clown car.
  • amethyst_machado 4y

    she seriously needs to stop now and let her kids take over her legacy shes got fucking 19 of them who can... a handful are old enough to start now she'll have probably at least 3 times as many grandchildren as children
  • blueorb2010 4y

    And now they're working on #20
  • cyclone259 4y

    #20? I heard that sad news today. Essentially their compound is a baby factory, with the girls highest aspiration is to turn their reproductive organs into a conveyor belt. The Duggar's set advances in civilization back about 100 years per child.

    If I'm not mistaken, they made/make most of their money from selling ring side seats to their circus, plus some income property. I'm sorry, being a mother is more than handing off your latest offering to one of the older children to raise so you can go create another one. Oh well, nothing changes...
  • Andrew Franklin 4y

    This couple is the scum of the earth. Worse than crack whores and drunk drivers
  • polish147 4y

    Gen 1:28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.
  • cyclone259 4y

    I'm a Christian, but I don't think God meant in Gen 1:28 for the Duggar's to take it upon themselves to "Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth...".

    There has to be a measure of common sense in all things. There's a difference between being a baby factory and a parent. I suspect that it's rather difficult to be an effective parent when you're always pregnant and have 19 other children to raise.

    So, should we all just start popping out as many babies as we can and look for God to take care of them, praying that we'll get our own reality show to pay for them? This planet only has a finite amount of resources and it looks like the Duggar's are making a valiant stab to take half of them.
  • creativeinformant 4y

    to each his own
  • cyclone259 4y

    I agree with the comment 'to each his own' up to a point. When 'his own' starts running over into everyone elses 'own' is when I take issue.

    So far as the 'going forth and multiplying', I believe common sense is also a gift from God.

    It makes you wonder if God was trying to tell her something when her 19th pregnancy was high risk, premature and had to be taken by C-section, then her 20th pregnancy, sadly for the loss of a life, was a miscarriage.

    At 45, she is really playing with fire and while I realize she believes her faith will overcome any risks, exactly the opposite is proving to be true. Faith is strong, but even God sets limits for each of us when He knows what we're doing is harmful to ourselves or others.

    I'm a person with strong faith, but God has had to pull my feet out of the fire when I was doing self-destructive behavior. Maybe some will call it prayer, common sense, logic, etc., but nonetheless, take it as a sign from wherever to stop.
  • roskybosky 3y

    what you never hear on the show is that these people, and others like them, have a hidden (?) agenda. It's called the 'quiverfull' movement. The theory is for super-right- wing fanatical christians to have as many children as possible in order to expand their influence on the government by creating an army of super-right-wing voters.

    Isn't it funny that 'do unto others' in christianity doesn't extend to women? Oh, that's different...
  • Matt Kram 3y

    wait... did you disable sharing on a meme made by someone else? oh the beautiful irony.
  • Jim Norcal 3y

    Wow. I have only a few words for that couple .... oral sex and contraceptives.
  • DanDare2050x 3y

    "This is America and we don't have rules or limits on how many children you can have. If they can afford all those kids and raise them to be upstanding citizens, then more power to them."

    Which begs the question.
  • Julia gracia 6mo

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