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MERRY XMAS TO ALL | by SkyShaper
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I met him in Columbus Park, Chinatown, NYC. He was sitting and living in a post office mail cart, smoking a pipe and eating an orange. All around him stirred the hustle and noise of a city park. He puffed and stared straight ahead. Oblivious to it all. His hair was in dreads, of a sort, down to his waist, matted and compressed. A red rag around his head a blue one around his beard. He stared.

I approached.


SS ; Mind if I take your picture sir?


He put out his hand, not to shake but for me to make an offer.


SS ; How much for your time?


Man ; One thousand.


I gasped, choked, regained my composure.


SS ; Thanks for your time, I can't afford you.


Man ; How much do you have?


I reached into my pocket, a handful of change is all I had. I swear.

He looked down, and without hesitation grabbed it all up. Seemed to be content with that.


SS ; You live in this cart?


Man ; Yes, It's all that I need. I have a tarp that I use as a cover when it rains. And to hide.


SS ; To hide? From who?


Man ; From the Peruvian government. They are looking for me.


SS ; And why is that?


I put the camera down.


Man ; My name is Internet...


SS ; Ok.


Man ; ...because I invented it....the internet. It is named after me. Many years ago I worked for the Peruvian government I developed the internet as an experiment in their labs. They wanted to keep this all a secret. But I saw this as a gift for the world, something that would tie us all together I released this out to the world.


SS ; Wow, so that's how all this started.


Internet ; Yes, the Peruvian government wanted to use it for evil they wanted all this for themselves. So now you know why I am in hiding why I fear for my life. I have to live on the streets, move from place to place, stay low and in seclusion.


Takes a puff from his pipe.

His eyes twinkle.


Internet ; Be careful now. They are watching all the time, maybe even now.


SS ; Now what do I do?


Internet ; Deny. Always deny. We have never met. You know nothing.


SS ; Ok, I will keep your secret, our secret. And thanks for inventing the internet. I love it. Best invention ever.


He smiled, not with his mouth, but with his eyes. He gave me a wink, then went back to staring,

out there....way out there.


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Taken on December 23, 2010