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I'm late to the party but better late than never - though in this case I'd prefer it were "never" indeed.


2.5 years ago this icon was picked up by people across Flickr to promote awareness of Israel's atrocious campaign of bombing Lebanon and solidarity with people there (and, yes, some people were free to include Israeli civilians bombed by Hizballah, as well as hundreds of Gazans who were dying almost unnoticed in the big scheme of things). At the time I was somewhat torn and maybe even squeamish about joining in the gesture, making up justifications about mixing art and politics and such.


Well, now in some sort of perverted poetical justice the history decided to repeat itself and give me another chance. Those who have eyes will see that the parallels to the situation 2.5 years ago are all here: the "shock and awe", the gung-ho patriotism and thirst for blood of Israeli public, the uncertain, slippery goals of the "operation", and, as we speak, more dead on both sides, with disproportionately large numbers in Gaza.


I feel I could predict what is going to happen in the coming weeks with uncanny ease and only hope to be proven wrong: there is going to be a big building with lots of civilians inside that will be destroyed "by mistake" in one of Israeli raids; there are going to be Israeli victims in places not used to rockets, such as Beer Sheva and the Israeli public will cry for obliteration of Gaza because nothing else works; ground troops will enter at some point and hit an ambush and suffer heavy losses, after which Israel will have to "fuck" Gazans even more in impotent rage; finally, after the world, seeing enough of the useless carnage will come to its senses and start demanding a cease fire in earnest, Israel will begrudgingly oblige, secretly thankful for a chance to come down from the tree it so gingerly climbed, while Hamas will emerge as victorious and glorious force that stood up to the aggressors.


Making this black ribbon the icon and spreading it across Flickr will not stop any of the above, sure, but it is a small outlet for protest and call to senses. I hope people will come, see, engage.


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Uploaded on December 30, 2008