Mysterious net neutrality flyer!

This flyer is mysteriously floating around the Claremont Colleges... who put it there? Do they want to be 5C Free Culture's friend?


From the flyer:

"A great majority of analysts argue that without Net Neutrality, the last 'truly free' bastion of free speech and of the media will be opened to corruption to over-consolidated corporate interests."


They define net neutrality as "the reason web information nowadays is: 1.) distributed in an unbiased manner, and, accordingly 2.) accessible to everyone (with a computer) in a designated area for the same cost."


They're showing "The Net at Risk", which I haven't seen, but sounds positive.


UPDATE: It turned out to be some students from like the Political Science dept, who just heard about Net Neutrality and got interested in that.


I still think it's odd to not put any information about who you are on a flyer for your event.

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Taken on February 25, 2007