artist's sketchbooks: "Candy shop"*

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    *impressions of life in the the notorious opium dens set up and ran by Chinese nationals in "Sal si Puedes" Panama city in the 1950's, namely the "Candy shop" and the notorious "shooting star" also called Blumenstein's paradise. This section of Panama city was patrolled by U.S. military police and was off limits to U.S. servicemen, never the less it was visited and supported by Americans in mufti
    p.s. on a not of interest, these places were visited by local artists who later became addicted never to resume and follow their art.

    This poem translated into english came to mind:
    Based on the famous poems by Alfredo Arteaga's "rebirth" /how can I ever forget this place?

    "Nosotros descendimos hasta
    el rio impasable, buscando la senal: una isla
    en las montanas, en las nubes
    claras de aguilas, la serpiente
    depena, el nopal antipoda.
    A una isla mixtitlan, a la isla mixtitlan,
    dimos el nombre
    isla Xochitepec,"
    From Aztlan, the word made motion,
    tentli, yollotl, yolotia,
    to eagle, to snake, to cactus,
    each black.

    Old man, conquistador,
    Bavieca, Tizon and Colada,
    father of Coyote, Chanizo,
    Sambaigo and Combujo, /towns/
    father of Lobo, el Barquino,
    of Mulato, father of Mestizo.
    "From the darkest corners of Europe's cold black waters
    to Tepeyac, Flower of the Mountain,
    where sad children shall kneel
    before us. In the name of Our Lady
    of the Thorns, we shall baptize a
    Juan-Diego Oxomoco, a Marina Nightear,
    baptize a Maria Castellano Cortes.
    a Rodrigo Rio-Bravo"
    And west, dark
    woman and pearls. "Esplandian!"
    Plus Ultra, Esplandian"
    Old worlds made blood,
    old words made

    Many mothers, a father who loosed dogs one sad night,
    feathers from the quetzal, a
    a blackbird who now coos in Spanish.
    From the high plateau, from a
    gulf town, across desert to one
    river, half water, half metal. A mesh of steel and spray, only
    threaded by the mad, Railroads
    CITIES OF THE MAD, and a boat.
    In my dream a beautiful maiden approaches the fence, she offers mezcal,
    there is something
    dead in the Chamuco, we
    drink from the common bottle,
    our skins are the same
    color, in the darkness
    agave and meesquite

    Lone star, bear flag,
    Sea to shining ore.
    To San Antonio, Santa Fe,
    Monterey. To Tijuana or Juarez
    Saturday night, border
    Chapultepec: young girls
    descent, unfurl to drunken
    gringos, young heroicas, "Viva
    el pinche DOLAR, "Chapultepec,
    Grasshopper hill: a park
    devoted to the pleasure of
    marines, devoted to
    Grasshoppers. Three brown
    girls of age stroll by, their color
    Long live the land
    of plenty.
    by Alfredo Arteaga

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    1. r3nn3r 63 months ago | reply

      Very striking execution. And the situation recalls what went on in 1800s London too.

    2. Steve.D.Hammond. 63 months ago | reply

      great painting love the poem thanks for posting!

    3. hgberk (Helene Goldberg) 63 months ago | reply

      Wonderful Lascaux painting

    4. Sophie Shapiro 63 months ago | reply

      Stefan, you generate so much creative energy and purpose. Beautiful work, accompanied by poignant words. Thank you for sharing these works with us all...Wishing you a creative week...♥

      The Art of Stefan Guido-Maria Krikl

      Stefan, just to remind others of your excellent work!!!

    5. Lilla Crystal 63 months ago | reply

      Wonderful video of your work.

    6. THE ART OF STEFAN KRIKL 63 months ago | reply

      thank you friends for your visits and comments; they are much appreciated and always welcome

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