zissou island view

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    sketchbook shirt and shorts.

    more here: skirtastop.wordpress.com/2012/07/10/film-petit-introducti...

    1. say i am you 33 months ago

      hahahah, this is nothing short of awesome! If my dear friends EVER have a little boy (or baby for that matter) I will absolutely copy this for them.

    2. mama_knowles03 33 months ago

      I am going to have to make this for the baby!

    3. Lightning McStitch1 33 months ago

      All he needs is a fishing rod and bucket! Very cute.

    4. lieslg 33 months ago

      No way! I immediately thought of Steve Zissou, even before jumping to your post. One of my very favorite films. This is fabulous.

    5. skirt_as_top 33 months ago

      Thanks, all! So fun to make this little outfit and I'm glad you caught the reference! And Liesl, I REALLY loved this pattern (both the shirt and shorts, but especially the shorts because they're so quick!). Glad I bought it. :)

    6. jaimielaura 33 months ago

      Hi there,
      I just looked up the pattern and it is a bit different from what your photo shows. You have little dark blue strips of fabric on the shirt and shorts, as well as buttons and little things on the shoulders. Did you add these, or are they part of the pattern?

    7. skirt_as_top 33 months ago

      Yes, I added stripes and button epaulets because I was trying to recreate the Team Zissou uniform (also added a patch to the pocket). Those aren't part of the pattern.

      I also shortened the sleeves and shorts to be a little more "retro" and hemmed the sleeves with binding rather than double folding them, since the double stripes added a lot of bulk. I have closer up photos in my blog post, if you're curious, but no tutorial (sorry!). I bound the shirt sleeves with a similar technique to the bedtime story pajama hem bindings, just cut them wider to show more of it. Hope that helps!

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