Julian's Dining Room Lounge
Just off the beaten path in Ormond Beach (and dangerously close to Daytona), this little slice of Polynesia has weathered over 50 years and made it through the adversity of hippies, bikers, 80's flourescence, condos of the 90's and is still able to maintain a non-ironic vibe that sweeps you off your feet from the moment you see it, to the very second you step through it's big wooden doors.

If you want a "pretty" decent meal, like to people watch (Blanche, Rose, Sophia and Dorothy had nothing on the crowd inside here), this is the place for you!!!!

I first came here about 8 years ago and was blown away, I couldn't tell you at all what the food was like then as I was too mesmerized by the sheer existence of this place. To add to the ambiance, they used to have a Filipino couple doing lounge versions of Patsy Cline hits (seriously, ALL of Patsy's songs) by the bar.

Some of the essence has changed over the years, but if you like kitsch...and really, you wouldn't be here if you didn't...you will not be disappointed.
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