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Titanic Exhibition Store, Luxor

This photo is from the store for the permanent Titanic Exhibition at Luxor, and this also is the only area where photographs are allowed.


This is a scale model of the Titanic, part of a limited-edition run of 170, that is on sale for $2,000 (!). The reason for the high price: signature by Millvina Dean, who at age 2 months was the youngest passenger on the Titanic, and who also was the last survivor, passing away in May 2009. Millvina had been emigrating from Southampton to Kansas City with her family, and while she and the rest of her family were among the first to evacuate, her father perished in the disaster; she would not learn of her own survival on the Titanic, and her father's death, until age 8. She survived off of a charitable fund for Titanic survivors, before returning to England as an adult and passing away in her hometown.


Also below the bow is a piece of coal that had actually been loaded on the ship, and recovered from the wreck on the seafloor. Titanic, due to its size, needed immense amounts of coal for the transatlantic trip; fuel economy at full speed cruise was quoted as one foot of distance per one pound of coal burned.


The rest of the exhibition, staged by RMS Titanic Inc. and previously featured in traveling exhibitions across the US until coming to Luxor in 2008, consists of artifacts recovered from the wreck (including a large hull section!), personal items, replicas of First and Third Class staterooms and the Grand Staircase, and an iceberg that gives visitors an idea of how cold the North Atlantic water was at the time of the ship's sinking. At $35 per person for admissions, it was way overpriced in my opinion, but having gotten a half-price ticket at a discount booth earlier in the day and considering that it was the week of the 100th anniversary of the sinking, it made sense for me to check the exhibit out.

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Taken on April 20, 2012