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Life nurtures (color pencil over watercolor) | by Draw4Fun
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Life nurtures (color pencil over watercolor)

I heard that success is built on the back of a million failures. As a teacher, I learned that it's built on a multitude of small successes. We need to feel that we're Learning and progressing towards a goal. It's helped along by using the right tools, learning from others, a sence of purpose and lots of support. You need the basics of life under your belt, like enough water, food, clothing and shelter to survive, and love and acceptance to thrive.


I think the key ingriendiant to living a successful life is a feeling of belonging. Too many of us don't have it. The kid that gets kicked around by parents, humiliated by siblings, bullied by schoolmates, judged by teachers and other adults, sometimes has no one to validate their feelings. That's when nature takes over and it can be truly nurturing.


The flowers, sun, wind and rain don't give a hoot if I'm "shiftless, lazy, I'll never amount to anything and no one could ever live with me". My cats don't care that my clothes are out of style, I don't have money and can't express myself well. The birds still sing when my lauwn's not cut and the laundey's still waiting by the cellar door. The little things like a beautiful flower, flittering butterfly, chirping bird, comical squirrel are my salvation.


Just as I wrote this last word, I heard a noise outside my window. It sounded like a branch falling against the house. A squirrel jumped onto the tree branches and started it's comical routine. I got up because I heard a nock at the door. Hello? It was a woodpecker.

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Taken on May 2, 2011