Texture of the Day 2009
Thought I would try something new, and put a new texture up daily free for anyone to download, so if you're interested, you may want to check back daily.

12 assorted textures

~ Free Texture ~ creative commons ~by attribution ~
From now on,linking back is not mandatory or necessary,a small thank you would be nice.

This set will include textures that are free for the taking and used however you see fit.

My textures are made for the purpose of easy blending with other layers, so I hope they can be of some use to you as they are to me.

My textures are free to use and download and used both personally and commercially, all I ask is :

1. A kind thank you would be nice if used, not mandatory, but being it takes a while to make these, a thank you would be nice, even sweeter if you could leave a link to your work, so I can see how they are being used.

" This also gives me artistic ideas, which is a sweet bonus."

2. Do not count them as you own.

3. Do not put them on disks for sale, or on a website other than here on Flickr.

Happy Blending.
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