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Monkey See Monkey Do | by Skeletalmess
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Monkey See Monkey Do

A Personal Protest:


I'm so sick and tired of all the mindless dribble on television.

Mainly the so called reality shit pushed upon us. I think we the

people should take notice and think of the children, we shouldn't

let them think one can become rich and famous without an education,

or take your clothes off and make a sex tape ala a cerrtain family

making millions sadly on television.


Really, how many damn housewives shows do we need, are there any

dances left to make a show about, or how about big brother, which

should be called voyeur trash. What will be next, Spring Break TV,

or Americas Best Hooker, maybe Pedophile Hunters, where a handfull

of rednecks with weapons hunt down pedophiles on live television.


Have we become the ultimate white trash tabloid voyeur consumming

nation. F@%king sad.


Sorry about the rant, new year and all, but when will enough be



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Uploaded on January 1, 2012