Mangled Poster

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    Toban Black took a photo of this poster in its original form, which can be seen here:

    Apparently somebody disagreed enough to go to the trouble of not just scratching out the middle line, but fully cutting it out of the poster, completely turning around the original message. I took this photograph because I thought it should be documented - I tore the poster down seconds later and tossed it in the recycle bin. I'm not sure how long this poster was up in this mangled form.

    1. Toban B. 75 months ago | reply


    2. Toban B. 75 months ago | reply

      Here's a photo of other misogynist graffiti at UWO -

      And here's some macho graffiti I saw at the campus that same day -

    3. hujo9001 75 months ago | reply

      Real equalists don't use half the population as a scapegoat for what less than 1% of their hate target group do. Hate is hate.

    4. stephanie.keating 75 months ago | reply

      Regardless of the original wording of the poster (just fyi, I don't like the "real men..." phrasing at all), cropping it in this way is completely uncalled for and definitely sends a negative message, one that we don't need on our campus (or anywhere).

    5. Beautiflaw 74 months ago | reply

      What a piece of shit. I can't believe someone would do that.

      And I don't think its less than 1% the population. Over 56,000 women (just women, that doesn't include children or boys) are raped in a month. Some people are raped or molested by more than one person in their lifetime.

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