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Recycle Yourself

WARNING-Graphic Hyper Violence within!!!!!


Notice - SKAM does not endorse the killing of oneself or others. SKAM endorses an open communication about the damage humans have done to our planet.


The Recycle Yourself Project is meant to invoke an emotion and discussion about such issues as Overpopulation, Pollution, Ecosystem Destruction Humans responsibility to the Environment, Culture Jamming, Art intervention and Anti-Commercialism/over-consumption.


The Recycle Yourself Philosophy


For billions of years the earth has recycled the life that has existed on it. Through a natural cycle. At one time the Human race followed that natural cycle. The humans lived hand and hand with the environment taking and giving back to the land. Even after death humans at one time gave their actual bodies back to the planet to decay in a natural way. Over time mankind has forgotten about our beautiful planet and how it created the life that exists on it. Then comes the age of the industrial revolution and corporations built upon mass consumerism. Marketing companies assault us ever day. By the time you are 5 years old you've already had 200,000 images planted into your brain from television and ad campaigns. This false reality is built and constructed into our minds to appear that if its sold on tv there is an unlimited supply. Buy buy buy this constructed ads tell us that there is nothing wrong with this behavior. The status quo is a false reality.


The real reality

Humans have already started what will be known as the 6th mass extinction on our planet. This has been created by the abuse we've done in the last 300 years to our mother earth.

The western mindset has infected the entire planet. Kill, rape and pillage, give nothing back. Even in death humans turn themselves in plastic wrapped corspe's that seep poisons into the ground that in turn effect our drinking water. Cancer, disease, and viruses are a by-product of our planet trying to control this over consumerism culture. Mother earth will win this war in the end but it will be at the expense of all forms of life on our planet. Education is the only thing that will change this behavior. If you want to climb the mountain you don't just jump to the top. This change needs to happen in steps. The first is being aware of such steps. If humans so selfishly ignore these warning signs. Some day there will be no fish in the sea, no birds in the sky, no whales in the ocean, no dogs to follow their masters, no flowers to bloom, no bees to pollinate them. This is a reality.


Now you have to ask yourself?


Do you want to be responsible for a dead planet?





Recycle Yourself!


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Taken on March 3, 2011