jackbutt two

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my cousin melony (who still lives in iowa) sent me this photo today...with the following note:

I thought you would enjoy this. Attached is a picture we took just today at the theater here in Orange City. It appears that someone in the community complained to the theater manager regarding the new "Jackass" movie, so look at how they changed it!! I am surprised they are still showing the movie!! It is really too funny!

- Melony


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  1. montanagirliesurfergirl 103 months ago | reply

    awe.... that makes me smile. i love small towns

  2. betheboy 103 months ago | reply

    I never saw the first Jackbutt so I hope I can follow along.

  3. refuji 103 months ago | reply

    We left off the ASS for SSAVINGS.

  4. LexMonkey 103 months ago | reply

    I really hate people.

  5. zornfett 103 months ago | reply

    heh ... a title like "Jackass" was MADE for the gay cinema near me in West Hollywood. Y'all just missed 'Raiders of the Lost Arse" :P

  6. witz 103 months ago | reply

    You've been properly 'dugg' - congrats!

  7. scampercom 103 months ago | reply

    I'm with you, Lex. I mean I hate you too, but I totally agree with you. ;)

  8. Mr Malique 103 months ago | reply


  9. austinette 103 months ago | reply

    jackass isnt a real word, just a potty word, so of course it's warranted to complain about it.

  10. richard winchell 103 months ago | reply

    But it's a male donkey, which makes it a real word, like bitch. Neither one is used in its proper form much, but they are 'real' words.

  11. jessk6969 103 months ago | reply

    Yah all the crap that you've been hearing is not true i know this cause i live in the town of orange city. and my friend is the one that put jack butt up there. it was because they ran out of the letter S so he thought it would be funny to put that up there it has nothing to do with some one complaining it is actually jackass 2 now

  12. bvubeaver 103 months ago | reply

    I want to see a photo of hot Melony! :X

  13. austinette 103 months ago | reply

    ahem...i know. :-s

  14. volleyabs44 103 months ago | reply

    hahaha this is my home town..totally typical of Orange City, and yes it is hilarious..i never thought they would go that far to keep a 'swear word' hidden lol.

  15. animalloverz2 103 months ago | reply

    Censorship? Take a second look...

    So, it seems my lovely little town of Orange City, Iowa, is making national (and international) news with the movie Jackass 2. Apparently it was even on ET and the Leno show. Wow, Orange City.

    At first glance, this would look to be censorship. And, considering this is northwestern Iowa and we are pretty conservative, it would sort of make sense.

    Only that's not what happened.

    Turns out the theatre ran out of S's for the marquee (We've got Open Season, School for Scoundrels, Little Miss Sunshine, the Illusionist...). The high school student putting up the names realized that he was out of S's, so he decided to put Jackbutt, and the manager didn't care, because there really wasn't anything they could do about running out of S's.

    So, think what you will of Orange City - we are overly conservative, but not quite that conservative.

    - Paula Pudewell, a student at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa

  16. skampy 103 months ago | reply

    apparently they managed to scrounge up a few Ss later that afternoon. whew. good thing.

  17. youragain 103 months ago | reply

    the complainer was probably a terrorist. you know, because terrorists hate freedom and stuff...

    if we cant put "jackass 2" on the marquee, the terrorists have truly won...

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