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The blood shot eyes - Western lowland gorilla IMG_9494_2 (Front page - Soul of Creativity)

- Frontpage Soul of Creativity June 2012-May 2013


"Ragon mein dodte phirne ke hum nahin qaayal

Jab aankh he se na tapka to phir lahu kya hai"

~ Asadullah Khan Ghalib


Translation (by yours truly) :


I am not impressed if it just flows through one's veins

What is blood if it does not drip from one's eyes !


I don't recall how my first ever visit to a zoo made me feel but the latest one, some fifty years later, definitely left me very sad. Man's cruelty to man is bad enough, man's cruelty to animals is terrible; that it is done in the name of compassion and work towards the preservation of a species only compounds my sense of guilt as being part of this whole sorry mess. Maybe some day the human kind is in danger of going extinct and some aliens from another part of the universe will lock us up behind bars, fences and glass enclosures all in the name of preserving our species and for the watching pleasure of their children.


The expressions of sadness and helpless frustration were uniform throughout the zoo and most revealing on the faces of those closest to us in the evolutionary chain.


The gorillas made me saddest for they were as human as us in their emotions and so very very unhappy and angry even as some of them went about playing 'catch me' and 'hide and seek' with their young ones.


The eyes of the gorrilla in this picture seem to be full of resentment and seem to be asking me as I click the shutter, how would I feel if the roles were reversed.


- EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II USM

- 1/30th sec, f/6.3, 200 mm, ISO 3200


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Taken on October 27, 2010