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    Complete 'Source Material' listing for Girl Talk's 'Feed The Animals' CD. All rights reserved.

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    1. Jason "Textfiles" Scott 78 months ago | reply

      Are you seriously putting a copyright notice on someone else's work that you scanned in? That's classy.

    2. sjheil 78 months ago | reply

      NOTE: I have no intention of putting any copyright on this at all - I only meant to indicate that the original creator's rights are reserved - whatever they may be (there are no declared rights on the original, and IANACL!)

      Flickr defaulted to this having 'none' as the license, which Flickr equates to '(c) All rights reserved'. Flickr indicates that you should not add or declare any license to an item that you did not create yourself, and thus I did not.

      (Man, copyright and licenses sure are confusing and messy. Even when you do not have or want any!)

    3. Jason "Textfiles" Scott 78 months ago | reply

      Next question. Obviously Girl Talk/Greg is fully capable of putting his images online if he so chooses. What makes you think this is what he wanted or how he wanted to do it? (Flickr automatically tacks on ads for people without flickr accounts, so his art now becomes bait for unrelated advertisers).

    4. sjheil 77 months ago | reply

      NOTE 2: I noticed that this image has been linked on the Wikipedia entry for Feed The Animals (not by me); if anyone connected with Girl Talk or Illegal Art records wishes me to take this down, please contact me and I will comply immediately. It has only been posted for informational purposes for fans of the album and of the band.

    5. sjheil 77 months ago | reply

      @Jason: you bring up good points and questions we all need to deal with in this age of the social web - e.g. how far can or should a fan go in their love for an artist? How far does an artist want fans to go on their own initiative? Hopefully my second note addresses your concerns for now at least...

    6. memos to the future 77 months ago | reply

      damn, that;s nice. I'd love to print that out on my plotter and throw it up on the wall.

    7. Jason "Textfiles" Scott 77 months ago | reply

      The problem here is you bought into the Waxy Doctrine: that it is incumbent upon the creator to find all the cases of infringement and ask the infringer to please take down the infringing work. This exists absolutely nowhere in the legal realm, and is especially galling in a world where finding the contact information for an artist is absolutely trivial. In no time at all, I found the addresses you would send a request to allow a copy of your scan to remain on Flickr:

      jessica.linker [at]
      info [at]

      These aren't "good points and questions": this is common courtesy to show respect for an artist you admire.

    8. "Peter" 77 months ago | reply

      I bet you're the life and soul of the party Jason. Lighten up.

    9. Jason "Textfiles" Scott 77 months ago | reply

      Take it seriously, or don't. The issue is still there.

    10. waxpancake 75 months ago | reply

      Somehow, I totally missed this conversation completely until last week... I took the liberty of getting in touch with Jessica, and she said, "We are fine with the sample list staying online." Thanks for the suggestion, Jason.

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