Riding the North Coast Limited
The North Coast Limited was a deluxe passenger train that operated between Chicago and the Pacific Northwest. The train was operated by the Burlington Route between Chicago and St. Paul, MN, and by Northern Pacific west of St. Paul.

Prior to Amtrak's takeover of American passenger train service in 1971, many considered the North Coast to be America's finest train (Santa Fe notwithstanding). Also, with its two-tone green color scheme it was considereded by some to be the most beautiful train in the world. The merger in 1970 that gave us Burlington Northern (now BNSF) disrupted the flow of color as differently painted cars began running on the train (as seen above). Nonetheless, the enjoyment of being on the train was unaltered.

I made trips on the train in April, 1969 and June, 1970. Amtrak operated the North Coast Hiawatha over the route until 1979. The photos in the set are presented in the order of a westbound ride.
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