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OUR FILTHY SEAS - POEM - DEEP WATER | by sylviebenice/account1/spring???
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I am the Queen of the deep deep sea

Where only robot submarines can go

They are not aware that I am there

I watch them watch the life down there


Some call me the Witch of the Sea

For once things go this deep

They are never seen again

So far only special submarines

Can intrude on my Queendom and bother me


The Creatures of the Deep are usually white

Often translucent - there is no need for colour

In a world of black - we have never seen the Sun

Never seen it - we fear it, it can be no good for us


We have hot springs here - from the earth's firey core

Strange flora and fauna who I all adore

We do not want to be the next great catastrophe

That Man brings with him whenever he seeks

Knowledge that was best kept hidden

Pandora's box was meant to be closed


I have talked to the earth

I have talked to the sea

I have spoken to the sky

They all agree - Man is dangerous, not to be trusted


So we have conspired to get man back to where he came from

As Darwin observed, they crawled out from the sea

Reverse evolution should solve that problem

Mutations are needed for that to happen

I have heard they are on the verge of nuclear war

That would be wonderful for their technological advancement

World War 4 will not occur - the dinasours will return

The earth, the sky, the sea will recuperate

From the stress that the creation of man has brought

GOD meant well, we know, but those who steal

From The Tree of Knowledge

Will surely perish

As they will unleash

Powers they cannot harness

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Taken on March 8, 2012